LegalEx 2018, London

21st & 22nd

MAR 2018


ExCel, London

About the Event:

Just as our slogan indicates, App4Legal is a company that believes in continuous innovation and always ceases the opportunity to allow itself to grow and widely expose its success.

LegalEx the UK’s fastest growing legal event designed to help law firms and legal professionals discover the latest innovations. App4Legal will contribute to the purpose of the event to keep legal practitioners up to date with technology and not left behind with outdated processes. The software’s benefits and added value will be presented in a unique way by our two professional team members. In addition, CEO, Feras El Hajjar, will be a speaker as he will discuss the topic of “Secrets behind tech-innovations in legal teams” and enlighten the audience with the importance of innovating our daily tasks and saving time and money allowing legal practitioners to focus and achieve better ROIs.